Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Farewell to blogging.

For some time I have been convinced that "Intelligent Design", as science or as a political force to be concerned about, is finished. The hard-core ID proponents will continue to push the idea while there is still money to be made from book sales, etc., but there have been no new ideas from ID since the wedge strategy was launched, and no new thinkers who are prepared to take ID along the scientific path.

If the web is any indication, when one looks at the quality of debate at ISCID, ARN and UD, reality is beginning to dawn on some of the more reflective proponents, and the rump of sycophants still posting wishful thinking seems to be shrinking.

ID is finished as a political strategy, so we need to wait for the next ploy, and not worry any longer about ID. So I am retiring from blogging to spend more time with my family. Thanks to all those who have contributed to this blog. I will leave comments open for a week or so, then "mothball" the blog.

Thanks again, everyone, it's been fun.


R0b said...

Alan, thanks for your many insightful and amicable posts. I applaud your choice to spend more time with your family. I should be doing the same, but I haven't found the willpower to stay away from the debate. It's an itch that I can't help scratching, even though I know it's a poor use of my time.

JanieBelle said...

Goodbye and farewell, friend. Thanks for all the fun!

We've been on hiatus ourselves the last week or so, taking care of real world stuff. There comes a point...y'know?

Hope you still find time to drop in and visit once in a while.


Janie, Kate, and The Boy

JohnADavison said...

Thank you so much for retiring. don't change your mind.

Zachriel said...

Hi Alan,

You are entirely correct that there have been no new ideas from ID. The movement is intellectually sterile and acts as a proxy for a political agenda. It appears to have run its course in the current cycle. Uncommon Descent, especially, is completely vacuous.

Good luck! I hope we'll still see you about on occasion.

Carlos said...

As science, it's sterile -- that much was pretty clear from the get-go.

But as a strategy in the "culture wars," ID still has plenty of life left in it.

Thank you for making this blog available, Alan. Best of luck to you in all things.

JohnADavison said...

biogeer and anybody else for that matter.

I did not "crawl back" to UD. I was invited back by O'eary at the suggestion of several of the participants there who enjoyed the way I dispose of Darwimps like yourself.

I will post at any blog anywhere anytime that I am permitted.I have been banned from all the stupid ones like Panda's Thumb, Pharyngula and EvC. I enjoy lampooning damn fools wherever I find them. It is great sport.

I love it so!

"A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolition undemonstrable."
John A. Davison

blipey said...

I must second biogeer's thought: blogs like yours do tend to blatantly and quickly expose the ID mess for what it is. And for that reason, they are entertaining. If anyone asks, I can certainly say you did your part. I'm sure we'll see you again when and if there is another incarnation of stupidity.

Alan Fox said...

Thank you so much for retiring.

I'll still be keeping an eye on you, John.

don't change your mind.

John, careful. I could interpret that as a compliment,:p.

Alan Fox said...

Secondclass, Lou, biogeer, zachriel, carl, blipey,

Thanks for the kind words. I shall be lurking a little and doubt I shall always be able to resist the odd comment. Best wishes to all.


Zachriel said...

Hi Alan Fox,

You forgot to open comments on your latest posts.

Thank you for providing this forum. Don't feel obligated to maintain a posting schedule. Just do it when you feel like it.