Friday, February 09, 2007


I am unavailable for the next few days, as my sister-in-law and family are here for a short visit. Her husband wanted to check his emails and noticed the title of the previous thread which happened to be on the screen. "Who is Bill Dembski?", he asked me. The U. K. is definitely ripe for an "Intelligent Design" take-over.

I am temporarily suspending comments till I get back.

Edit: On reflection, I will leave comments open, so, play nice till I get back.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Alan Fox creates multiple names online in order to support his own claims. He also uses the names to attack blogs of people that disagree with him in order to bully them. Dembski may not have all the evidence to support his claims, but at least he fights fair. Alan Fox is a racist facist and people should discredit him.

JanieBelle said...

What the hell are you blathering about psycho boy?

Alan is about the fairest and most honest person on the whole frickin' web.

It's not his fault you're off your rocker.

Unknown said...

Your just one of his other names. He is a fascist and Dembski plays fair.

Unknown said...

ahh your spiratual research was helpful

blipey said...

For all that's good and meaningful in the universe, Jordan, learn to use an apostrophe. Or, did your college education not include an intensive writing class?

JanieBelle said...

Apparently it didn't even include spelling or how to use a spell checker, either.

BJU, or Baylor? Patriot maybe?


That would be sooooo funny.

DaveScot said...

I got a quick message for the ATBC crowd.

I took two years of Latin in high school when almost all the other honor roll dorks were taking French. I took two years of Spanish too but only because the Spanish teacher was the 22 year old babalicious sister of a couple of my dope smoking friends.


ROFL I kill me sometimes!

Kristine said...

Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto.

Translated as: Ich bin ein Mensch, also ist mir nichts Menschliches fremd. I took German in high school.

(A lot of chemistry scholarly lit is written in German; I don't know why.)

blipey said...

Why would you subject yourself to that, DT? You could've just stayed in woodshop, where you wouldn't have had to pine for a teacher who never noticed you.

Oh, that's right, the glue was a problem for you; I forgot.

JanieBelle said...

I got a quick message for the ATBC crowd.

I took two years of Latin in high school

Oh, I'm working on another story, and that is SOOOOO going in there!

JanieBelle said...

It's up.

You're gonna like it, Davey Boy.

The Lilith Quotient

You're in it, and some of your friends, and it's even hard sci-fi.

Oh yeah, you're gonna like it.

Alan Fox said...

Hi Dave

That's amazing, not only are we lookalikes but we have similar academic backgrounds. Mind you, I took Latin and French up to age 15, after which I chose to focus on science. The decision was partly influenced by a change of Latin master (the replacement was, frankly, pants). Quality of teaching can have a huge influence on the course of one's life.

With my first Latin master, I really enjoyed "De Bello Gallico", especially the self-justification (not to say spin). but Virgil under the new regime was dire. I would, I'm sure, have enjoyed Petronius much more, though I doubt you would agree, for obvious reasons.

By the way, you made me smile with the neat solution to climate change. You should patent it. I am backing the "seeding the oceans with iron" idea. This has the added appeal of no radiation fallout.

Kristine said...

If I’m wrong about global warming I swear I’ll have a house unwarming party, and anyone and everyone at UD can throw pretzles at my ass and dunk me in a big tank of beer.

Fareed Zakariah just came out with his “It’s too late to stop it so adapt” commentary and I seriously don’t want him or me to be right on this issue. Gaa, how bleak. Okay, we just had a cold spell—what people aren’t saying is that some plants started to bud (in Minnesota, in January) before the cold spell. Birds that usually fly south are still here. What up?

I wish I could have taken Latin; it wasn’t offered. But I was still exposed to it, and very early—my copy of Tales by Edgar Allen Poe, which I started reading at age nine, included all the Latin phrases that he often employed. It’s too bad that later editions took them out. I think everyone should learn some Latin.

blipey said...

Everybody probably should learn some latin; I wish I had learned some. It's too bad that getting kids in this country to learn English is so damned hard.

Side note: Alan, what does the term "pants" mean in the context above?

Alan Fox said...

"pants"...Noun/Adj. Nonsense, rubbish, bad. From the standard British English of pants, meaning underwear; also a variation on 'knickers'. E.g."The first half was pants but I stayed until the end and it was actually a great film." [1990s]

blipey said...

I like that entymology so much. Brits have such nice usages.

Alan Fox said...

Kristine writes:

Okay, we just had a cold spell—what people aren’t saying is that some plants started to bud (in Minnesota, in January) before the cold spell. Birds that usually fly south are still here. What up?

Everyone who is open-minded can see anecdotal evidence for climate change all around them. We need to be looking for causes, proposing solutions, if any remain, and thinking about how we need to adapt to the inevitable consequences. I really believe this is a much more important issue than the defunct (proponents just don't want to admit it, yet) ID nonsense, so I started a new thread.

Alan Fox said...

Aside to blipey'

"Pants" was in vogue a few years ago, but seems no longer to be in common usage.

blipey said...

Well, I guess we Yanks can take up the word like the backward, behind the times peeps we are.

I think your new thread will be good for 2 reasons:

1. I agree that GW is way more important than ID.

2. We'll still get the exact same humor quotient out of it, as the very same nutbags will be the opponents.