Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Dembski Files

Several people have expressed an interest in hearing the recordings of Bill Dembski at his recent appearance here. However, there is some suggestion that Dembski would attempt to suppress such material. I strongly believe in the free exchange of ideas, and in that spirit, would like to offer to make that material available via a French server in the (possibly naive) hope that censorship of material in the public domain will be harder to achieve here.


blipey said...

That's a fantastic idea, Alan. I wonder if they'll hate it even more because it will be French-ish? If so, even better.

Alan Fox said...

I don't think ERV is very keen, judging by recent comments on her blog. Homeland Security may have leaned on her;)

Rich Hughes said...

I asked for a copy as well, but no reply.

Don't go Alan, I wuv you!

Alan Fox said...

Hi Rich

I haven't gone anywhere, and I will still look in from time to time, but the rump of IDers left are, I suspect, not susceptible to reason, and lack any influence on the real world (especially my corner of it) so it does seem that the law of diminishing returns applies; the last hard-line IDers are not worth the effort of confronting.

I also have less time on my hands now, as the Dover events coincided with a major health problem for me, during and after which I had four or five months when I wasn't working, so blogging was a welcome distraction. The problem is I really feel a bond with you guys at AtBC now but the time spent there impinges on time I should be spending preparing quotes and invoices etc. for the small business I run here.

Rich Hughes said...

No worries chief. The fondness is of course mutual. I'm pleased your health worries seem to be overcome.

Stop in from time to time. Although ID may die, creationism will rear its ugly head in a new form soon.

Or Davescot might venture out even more...