Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Update

Our village Comité des fêtes picked this weekend for festivities (a few cultural events such as a painting and sculpture exhibition, a dance demonstration, some local bands in concert, a firework display, but mainly an excuse to eat and drink as much as possible). They obviously didn't expect France to be in the final of the World Cup either, as the open air communal meal (salade de gésiers, coquille de saumon, daube de gardian etc.,) clashes with the final.

But never fear, We are promised a large screen TV so I don't have to miss the match or the feast. Allez les Bleus!!!


Mark Frank said...

Cologne? Whoever wrote that didn't even get the location right - never mind the result.

Alan Fox said...

Oh well. I thought the English were a race of good losers, but the French (at least the Occitan French) were not heartbroken at the final result, which as it had gone to penalties, almost clashed with the firworks. The fact that the main game here is rugby (rugby à treize, even, rather than union) may explain the sang froid.

While the match was undecided, the atmosphere was great, although it was nearly half-time before it was dark enough to see the TV screen clearly. Still, the meal was superb, and the band were very good.