Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blipey's questions for ID theorists.

Chris Hyland sparks Blipey into proposing some questions that he thinks might be a way forward for ID.

Blipey writes:

I think this would be a fabulous discussion. Here are a few specific questions. Speculations don't even have to be fully formed IMO. It would be informative if IDers could enlighten us as to what we should be looking for in light of their supposition that we can't make any suppositions.

1. Not knowing anything about the designer's purpose, do we know if we are a final product? How?

1b. If we are not a final product, how do we know? Does this imply that we are evolving? How do we know?

2. Not knowing anything about the designer's origins, where did he get the raw material to design us? Was it already here? How do we know?

2b. Did the designer also design the raw material we come from? How do we know?

2c. If he used extant material, how did he alter it so that we can tell?

2d. If he created the raw material, how did he leave his imprint so that we can investigate his workings?

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blipey said...

I'm not sure if they'd be a way forward for ID, but I certainly would like to hear the answers to them.

By knowing the answers the IDers give, we can at least start to evaluate a research program...they'd actually be investigating something. Now, whether this investigation would add anything to current knowledge or would just be more hand-waving, who knows?

At least by getting answers, we could move on to "debate" something new--therefore waaaaay less boring--than constantly going over the same tired, weak creobot arguments.