Friday, June 30, 2006

Elliot Sober

Thanks to Tim Hague for suggesting this thread topic, and slightly reducing the many things of which I am ignorant. Elliot Sober has written several papers on ID and evolutionary theory. One that caught my eye immediately was "Intelligent Design and the Supernatural -- the 'God or Extraterrestrials' Reply."

As science is the method for studying, observing and measuring the natural world, and the supernatural by definition lies outside the scope of science, I (as did Judge Jones) find it difficult to understand how anyone can honestly suggest ID "theory" is, or can ever be, science. Unless, of course science is redefined.


Alan Fox said...

I note Mark Perakh likes him too.

Mark Frank said...

Absolutely. I notice he is a guest lecturer at LSE which made me wonder if it is possible to hear him speak sometime.

Alan Fox said...

I did post an invitation at ARN, but I am banned from UD, which seems to be the most active site for IDers. I guess Dave ( Mr Banninator) Springer is disinclined to let the delicate flowers there stray into the rough and tumble of the real world.

My view is, post Dover, the intellectual argument (if ID can be said ever to have had one) is over. Nothing new has come from Behe or Dembski to counter the ever-more-obvious conclusion that ID is a scientific fraud.