Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Second second thoughts.

One reason I set up this blog was to see if the sky would fall in if there was no real moderation. My supposition was that, perhaps, if you give people free rein and let posts stand, the excuse to escape from a losing argument by being banned is no longer available. Hoping that the blog might be thus almost self-sustaining I asked for ideas for thread topics because I am well aware that others are much more well versed in the ID/evo debate than me, and are better qualified, having much better grasp of scientific issues. Whilst I was very pleased to receive the suggestions I did, interest seems to be waning a little, and I am finding it very time consuming to maintain my current level of input (not that it is huge, now but I have to work), and was wondering if it was worth keeping going.

But there was a subtext. Certain particular members of the blogging community (you may be able to guess who I am thinking about) are well known for their inability to "play nicely". I hoped they might be persuaded to visit, and see how things would develop in an open forum. I wondered how they would cope when no-one can either ban or delete others comments or claim martyrdom by being banned. I think the results have been quite telling.

I would be interested in hearing others comments.


Rich Hughes said...

It's fun to see them degrade to trollism when they don't have full editorial controll over which posts make it..

Alan Fox said...

I thought so, too. Do you think there is enough evidence such a policy could work on a proper site?

JohnADavison said...

I love your forum as it serves to identify the kind of trash you are able to attract, mostly from Panda's Thumb, your home base. It is a glittering success so don't give it up. Naturally -

I love it so!