Friday, June 30, 2006

The World Cup

The tension mounts.

The France vs Brazil match is less than a day away. Many local bars have set up large screen TV for the occasion. Then England vs Portugal. I don't think France have a chance against Brazil but if they win and England beat Portugal....

Don't look for posts from me for a day or two.


JohnADavison said...

I want more posts from DFalan Ox the Dawkins fan!

It is hard to believe isnt it?

I love it so!

blipey said...

john! your medication, please. try to take it with food to avoid an upset stomach.

Alan Fox said...

We wuz robbed. Bloody Portugal!

Alan Fox said...

Allez les Bleus!

At least France will annihilate Portugal now. But am I in for some ribbing at work.

Alan Fox said...


Have you ever read any of Dawkins' books. You must have done to have such a strong opinion about him. Which one did you enjoy most, and why?

blipey said...

sorry alan,

your boys went down--agonizing to watch them be unable to finish.

Must say that Rooney deserves all the crap he's likely to get, though...not a good show.

French v. German final? Who'd've guessed?

Alan Fox said...

You see now my plan in moving to France. I can now support Les Bleus with a clear consience. The way they played against Brazil, they can go all the way, now.

The less said about Rooney the better. It was odd how they seemed to play their best football without him and Beckham. Ah well, there's always 2010.

Alan Fox said...

Luckily I have £10 on Klose for golden boot at 25:1.

Chris, I'm shocked.

As a man so squeaky clean he can stay posting at UD, this can't be good for your image. :P

Alan Fox said...

I thought Lennon played well, wonderpants.

blipey said...

Well, Sven's out now and Beckham's no longer captain...a new day on the world stage? One can hope.

But look on the bright side; you're not stuck rooting for the Americans and our slow, deliberate and unimaginative work on the ball.

Alan Fox said...

Well fingers crossed that France annihilate Portugal tonight, avenging England's defeat and earning their place against Italy in the final.

Allez les Bleus!

blipey said...

Allez les bleus!

Zidane was marvellous against Brazil, here's to the same against Portugal.

Alan Fox said...

Waaaay to go, France!!!!

Henry, Barthez et Zidane showed the youngsters (especially that prima donna Ronaldo) how to play.

blipey said...

I'll agree for the most part, but Barthez is a scary keeper...the bobble of the Ronaldo's freekick was a clear mistake.

I didn't think Zidane played as well as he did against Brazil, but the team as a whole played a nice, focused game. They played football, the Portugese complained about non-calls--that goes to show who came to play.

Any team that dives that much should be ashamed of themselves.

The final will be a good game; nice, measured offence against solid, disciplined defense. Can't wait.